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We offer a range of workshops to challenge your Pilates practice. From Arc Barrel, to Healthy Feet, to myofascial release these workshops can add a deeper understanding of the Pilates repertoire you already know and love.



Whole Body Walking - In Studio (120 Mins) €35 per class Purchase required to enroll

Join us for this 2 hour workshop on finding your ease and fluidity in the essential events of walking.

Based on our extensive explorations in Pilates, Slings Myofascial training and somatic education, this workshop will guide you towards finding connections body wide to allow for a more easeful gait and will put a bounce back in your step.

First Aid Course - In Studio €95 Purchase required to enroll

The Basic First Aid Course is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning or refreshing life saving skills.

It covers all major paediatric as well as adult emergencies and illnesses including CPR and in addition how to deal with choking.

Sound Healing Workshop - 75 Mins - In Studio €35 per class Purchase required to enroll

What is sound healing?

Sound healing has been used for thousands of years.

It is a practice using vibrations and sound to help relax your mind and body.

This can be done an an individual sound massage or as a group session know as a sound bath.

The instruments used in a sound bath therapy ore gongs, tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, rattles, chimes, drumming and nature sounds. The main instrument is the gong and is said to replicate the sounds of the universe. Sound frequencies have a healing effect.