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Teacher Training

Live & Breathe Pilates provide Mat and Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training courses for those starting out on their Pilates career, as well as continuing education, masterclasses and mentorship options. Our continuing education options cover Pilates as well as anatomy, fascia and specialist movement and rehab courses.

BASI Pilates Information Evening €25 per classPurchase required to enroll

If you have ever dreamed about training to be a Pilates instructor and want to explore your options on who and where to train with, then our Information Evening with BASI Pilates is an essential date to save in your diary.

Our BASI Dublin family will be on hand, along with previous BASI graduates, current students as well as our colleagues from BASI UK. During the evening we will answer any questions you might have, give you an overview of the BASI approach and show you around the studio and equipment that is used as part of a BASI Pilates curriculum. You also get to try a BASI Pilates Mat class during the evening too.

Pelvic Floor & Core Foundations €199Purchase required to enroll

Michelle Lyons, Women's Health Integrative Physio and co-founder of the Women's Health Physiotherapy Group teaches this intermediate level workshop.

The workshop is for therapists and movement and fitness professionals with an interest in learning about and deepening their understanding of female pelvic floor function (and dysfunction) for their own personal education and exploration.

1 in 3 women have some type of pelvic floor dysfunction. Is your exercise prescription meeting their needs?

BASI Mentorship Day €199Purchase required to enroll

We provide regular BASI Pilates Mentorship Days in the studio with our BASI Pilates faculty and mentors. These day courses are an ideal way to ask questions in relation to repertoire, prepare for your exams and stay up to date with new developments from Rael, the founder of BASI Pilates.

BASI Pilates Comprehensive Global Program €4,050Purchase required to enroll

BASI Pilates is an internationally recognised program of study. The BASI Comprehensive Program is an enduring foundation for a career in Pilates, with graduates qualified to teach all levels of student on the full complement of equipment including Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels.

BASI Pilates Matwork Program €1,500Purchase required to enroll

The BASI Pilates Mat Program is an internationally recognised qualification and is a stepping stone to their full Comprehensive Program. The Mat program is very affordable and introduces people to the foundations of Pilates. Students study the full complement of Mat exercises (basic to master level) and the integration of small apparatus such as fitness circles into the program. BASI encourages students to use this program as a springboard to the Comprehensive Global Format teacher training program.

Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies €910Purchase required to enroll

This three-day certificate course presents a Physical Therapy approach to working with clients who have injuries, physical limitations, or movement dysfunctions. Focusing primarily on the cervical and lumbar spine, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and foot, the course covers functional anatomy, biomechanics and a review of current literature. Specific injuries and pathologies, such as disc disease, post-surgical conditions, rotator cuff syndrome, tendinopathies and osteoarthritis, are examined. Students learn about precautions and/or contraindications for these conditions, as well as exercise options and modifications to the original BASI Pilates repertoire. Course participants learn safe ways to work with clients who suffer from some of the most commonly encountered pathologies and injuries, via lectures, discussions, demonstrations and practice.

Healthy Menopause - Michelle Lyons €199Purchase required to enroll

Join Women's Health and Wellness expert Michelle Lyons for this one day workshop where we will explore the anatomy, physiology and biopsychosocial issues that peri-menopausal women face.

If you work with women aged 35+ this is not to be missed.

Do you know the specific health issues in peri and post-menopause issues that women face? Bone health? Pelvic Health? Brain Health? Heart Health?

Do you know how to prescribe exercise to to help balance hormones? Do you know the precautions and contra-indications to do it safely?

Did you know that according to the Irish Dept of Health & Children, around 260,000 women in Ireland are going through the menopause at any one time?

Anatomy Trains in Motion €429Purchase required to enroll

Anatomy Trains in Motion is a three day course specifically designed for modern movement teachers and therapists, who want to expand their professional horizon and expertise in structural integration through movement.

Whatever your movement modality – Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Physiotherapy, Dance – Anatomy Trains in Motion offers skills that will add a new dimension to your teaching and practice.

While traditional anatomy is static, Anatomy Trains is dynamic and interconnected like the human body, which is in constant motion. Thomas Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept moves beyond mechanical ‘cause and effect’ actions of muscles to integrative relational connections of real life functional movement.

At the heart of this course are the Myofascial Meridians and their immense value as a body map for movement teachers. Understanding their anatomy, workings, sensory qualities and relationships are invaluable teaching skills that will transform your view on body reading, lesson planning and cueing.

Slings Essentials €385Purchase required to enroll

Slings Essentials is all about fascia, it's role in movement and conscious training. This two day course revolves around fascial architecture, relevant qualities of fascia as well as Slings philosophy, myofascial training techniques and training aims. The comprehensive information will serve as a knowledge-base and is a pre-requisite for the Slings in Motion repertoire courses.

Slings in Motion I €580Purchase required to enroll

Slings in Motion I is the first of the series of Slings repertoire courses. It revolves around a very influential myofascial meridian duo; the “supportive, quietly persevering” Superficial Back Line and the “protective, proactive” Superficial Front Line of the Anatomy Trains body map.

Slings Essentials & Slings in Motion I €899Purchase required to enroll

This is a discounted combo package for both the Slings Essentials Course and the Slings in Motion I courses in June 2018.

Pilates & Slings Body Reading €509Purchase required to enroll

Do you want to recognise structural relationships in the body from the perspective of the Anatomy Trains body map and apply a cohesive Pilates/Slings training program to optimize postural balance and movement efficiency? Gain these skills step by step in the Pilates & Slings Body Reading course.

Train the eye to recognising bony relationships and myofascial strain, as well as the body-wide effects of localised patterns. Based on seven clearly-defined body reading steps, you can define aims for posture-based training and put them into practice with the help of Pilates and Slings exercises. Issues such as unbalanced tensegrity, dynamic stability and movement efficiency, as well as the influence of physical history, are discussed with many practical examples. Pilates & Slings Body Reading makes the complexity of holistic posture evaluation accessible and practical for one-on-one and group lessons.

Postural Assessment & Muscle Testing €99 per classPurchase required to enroll

Are you a movement teacher? Would you like to improve your teaching skills and add more value to your training sessions? Do you need more tools to figure out an effective programme for your clients?

Join Tara Fallon for a three hour postural assessment and muscle testing workshop where she will teachyou all about the skills she has learnt over the years assessing, mapping and
improving clients movement patterns.