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BASI Pilates Matwork Program


BASI Matwork Program Syllabus

The course structure is modular. A student can make up or repeat each of the 6 modules (4-5 hours each) at any BASI Pilates host location around the world. Each module consists of practical and theoretical components.

Module 1 - The Fundamentals
The principles, the pelvis, breathing, exercise description, historical overview, safety.

Module 2 - Anatomy Part 1
Anatomy overview & terminology, joints, centre of gravity, cueing & imagery.

Module 3 - Anatomy Part 2
Anatomical movement analysis, muscles, aerobic & anaerobic exercise, the BASI Block system.

Module 4 - Posture Assessment
Principles of alignment, posture and posture assessment; types of faulty posture.

Module 5 - Core Strength – Back & Abdominals
Core strength, effective exercise, contraindications for the spine, guidelines for successful teaching, being a teacher.

Module 6 - Exercise Adaptation
Exercise adaptation, exercise progression, modifications to exercises, using small equipment, constructing a complete and comprehensive program.

In addition to the academic study, students must complete the following hours of study:

  • observation (15 hours),
  • self-practice (40 hours) and
  • student teaching (30 hours).

Cancellation policy All bookings for BASI courses are via BASI Pilates UK. You can read their terms and conditions on their website.
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