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Pink Ribbon Pilates - Initial Assessment - In Studio (45 mins)

The Pink Ribbon Pilates program is designed to assist breast cancer survivors with their recovery. It has been designed to specifically to address the needs and challenges facing anyone recovering from breast cancer related surgery. This iniital assessment assesses your postre, movement and goals from your Pilates program in detail

Over the course of your program we will show you how to progressively stretch and strengthen your shoulders, chest and back to regain full range of movement and reduce risk of lymphoedema – a very common condition associated with removals of lymph nodes. We also provide information on exercises you can do yourself at home.

In addition to the purely physical benefits already outlined, Pilates can help to improve your posture, alleviate your pain, reduce stress and enhance your energy levels.

Whether you are recovering from recent surgery or are many years post-surgery it is suitable for you.

A build up of scar tissue, protective posturing and the consequences of treatment all mean that day to day movements and activities such as shampooing your hair, putting on your bra or reaching up to a shelf can be more difficult.

Pink Ribbon and the exercise programs we design on a client by client basis mean that we build your strength and mobility back, gradually. We know how to work with those at risk from lymphoedema to ensure your workout is safe and appropriate.

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