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Pilates & Slings Body Reading

€509Purchase required to enroll
During this detailed three day body reading workshop, we will:-
  • Discuss the practical approaches to holistic movement work.
  • Discuss the characteristics of balanced posture and efficient movement.
  • Discuss the importance of tensegrity and its value for posture, movement and health.
  • Explore the centre as a pivot point. Differentiate between active elongation and embodied elongation, as well as their benefits for body, feeling, health and movement.
  • Discuss the guidelines for balanced, structural relationships, including practical examples.
  • Discuss the difference between temporary postural changes and long-term imbalances and their impact on body, movement, self-awareness and health.
  • Discuss the characteristics of posture-based training.
  • Discussing the principles and terminology of body reading.
  • Discuss the seven steps of body reading.
  • Discuss the relevance of physical history in regard to posture and movement.
  • Practical application of body reading.
  • Certified movement teachers and therapists.
  • Being familiar with the Anatomy Trains concept.
  • Being familiar with Slings Myofascial Training or Pilates repertoire.
A certificate of participation will be provided on completion.
  • Create posture-based training programs with exercises from the Slings in Motion repertoire.
Cancellation policy Please note cancellations are subject to an administration fee of 25%. Course fees are non-refundable within one month of the course start date.
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