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Anatomy Trains in Motion

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Anatomy Trains in Motion is a three day course specifically designed for modern movement teachers and therapists, who want to expand their professional horizon and expertise in structural integration through movement.

At the heart of this course are the myofascial meridians. Understanding the lines’ anatomy, workings, sensory qualities and relationships are invaluable teaching skills that will transform your view on body reading, lesson planning and cueing. The myofascial meridian focus is on the:

• Superficial Back Line
• Superficial Front Line
• Lateral Line
• Spiral Line
• Deep Front Line

The anatomy and practical applications for the Arm Lines and Functional Lines woven in. A seamless and functional (for our purpose) lesson, representing the interconnectedness of myofascial meridians in motion is also part of the course.

In a Nutshell

• Anatomy Trains in Motion is a holistic anatomy course ‘translated’ into movement.
• Anatomy Trains serves as a holistic body map for movement teachers, giving valuable insights into postural and movement patterns.
• The concept focuses on integrative relational connections of real life functional movement.
• The Essential Events, or joint actions that engage the lines most efficiently in gait, are an integral part of understanding Anatomy Trains as a map for movement.
• The lines’ anatomy, workings and sensory qualities are discussed and explored in movement with specific exercises and sequences.
• The seamless and functional Anatomy Trains in Motion lesson incorporates all theoretical components discussed and practical applications experienced.
• All practical applications incorporate Slings myofascial training techniques.

Watch the video for more details from course founder Karin Gurtner

Cancellation policy Please note cancellations are subject to an administration fee of 25%. Course fees are non-refundable within one month of the course start date.